Shower Makeovers

Shower Makeover

Shower Makeovers Restore your shower to new

Bathroom tiles and grout are under the most duress when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness due to the constant presence of moisture.

Some of the more common repairs and restorations for showers include:

  • Cleaning of mildew and soap scum causing grime and mould in the grout.
  • Sealing wet areas.
  • Regrouting, repairing cracks and porous stains in bathroom grout.
  • Repairing tiles damaged by water build up.
  • Replacement of dated and damaged bathroom tiles.

Grout King has experience with every element of bathroom makeovers and brings new life to old tiles and grout through our high quality products, advanced techniques and professional service.

Bathrooms are traditionally difficult and expensive areas to work with which is why our team works closely with our customers to offer a variety of options and deliver solutions that compliment both the style of the home and the size of the budget.

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